Advice to Myself for the New Year: A List of Resolutions

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with making resolutions; in fact, I make them year-round. Keeping them is much more difficult for me than making them, though, but I like the idea of following through and seeing them be made complete. Here are a few that I’ve been thinking about for a while. The fresh start of a new year is the perfect time to begin!

A List of Resolutions for a Happy New Year

Be more confident

Emilee, why do you walk around like you have a reason to be ashamed of yourself? You don’t have to apologize for not wearing makeup or having a few acne scars. You don’t have to keep fighting against your weight or trying to reshape your body. God made you perfectly, remember? If you’re good enough for him, you’re good enough for yourself.

Be friendlier

A lifelong fear of being awkward or saying the wrong thing has kept you at a distance from most people, and it sure hasn’t earned you many friends. But you often encounter people who rarely get any human interaction, so why not take the opportunity to brighten their day a little? After all, a little small talk and a smile will break the awkwardness of any quiet waiting room or restroom line.

Improve my driving skills

Ok, so you’re not the best driver. You’re a little aggressive, and you have a heavy foot, and sometimes you don’t see stop signs…so slow down and start paying attention, Emilee! Your driver’s ed teacher would be ashamed.

Be a better neighbor

There are 30+ dogs in your neighborhood. It does absolutely no good to yell at them and chase them off, because they will inevitably come back and dig up your flower garden again. And then your offended neighbors won’t even try to stop them. Maybe invest in a fence.

Stop procrastinating

You somehow managed to pass three classes this semester by cramming in the last three hours before the tests. But the stress wasn’t worth it, now was it? You know what mom always says…”Why do it later when you can do it now?”

Get creative

Use that new journal you got for Christmas and write every day. Finish up that portrait you’ve been working on since two summers ago. Start painting again—get into the habit and maybe you’ll be able to open your own Etsy store. That would be sweet!

Kick my sugar addiction

It’s NOT acceptable to eat Christmas cookies for every meal, Emilee. They’re getting stale. Throw them out.

Gain some willpower

If you can give up the sugar, you are definitely ready for other challenges. Think of all the things you could accomplish: giving up aimless internet surfing, getting off the couch instead of watching hours of Netflix movies, training for that half-marathon this summer…I know you have it in you!

See myself how God sees me

You know the truth, but you’ve been avoiding it: you have to get into your Bible to know who you are in Christ. His truths are what you need, not self-help books or talk shows or internet campaigns. These are great and encouraging and all, but without God’s word, you’re missing something. You will never be able to fill that hole in your identity without him.

Seek God everyday

Speaking of which, your faith has gotten a little stale, and the fire isn’t going to be reignited by happenstance. You know you need to read your Bible and pray every day, so get back in the habit. Don’t keep ignoring God, don’t keep pushing him away, and don’t allow yourself to drift any farther than you already have. This is important, so if you don’t accomplish any of the rest of these resolutions, at least check this one off.


IMG_1563 Emilee Hackney is a recent high school graduate living in the
mountains in Tazewell, VA. She is attending a local college
this fall where she hopes to discover God’s plan for her career. She
loves her grandma’s house, her boyfriend of three and a half years,
and anything with an unhealthy amount of sugar.


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