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Joyfully Ever After is a story of redemption told through household tips, blog design, unlikely friendships, and marriage milestones . . . Our mission statement is to empower women in their faith, families, and career through the power of Romans 12:12. “Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing instant in prayer.”

The Author and The Wife – Melody Maynard

My name is Melody Maynard. I am a nineteen-year-old Christian, wife, daughter, and friend. I am currently employed as a part-time 911 dispatcher and wellness advocate for doTERRA essential oils. I am a full-time college student at Ohio University Zanesville studying Communications and English, and singing my heart out in the Choral Union. I am utterly and completely in love with my husband, Shawn. We were married on August 2nd, 2014, and although being an adult isn’t always fun, being married still is. By Meyer’s Briggs standards, I’m an INFP, so if you meet me in person, don’t mistake my quietness for disinterest. I really do want to talk to you, it just might take me some time.

The Husband – Shawn Maynard

Shawn is a twenty-year-old Christian, husband, son, and friend. He is currently employed full-time at Waterford Bank, where he loves to pick on his co-workers and make his customers smile. He is also a wellness advocate for doTERRA. He keeps an impressive coin collection and is an avid fan of WWE. (much to his wife’s chagrin) He also loves to use his creativity in the kitchen and cook up some amazing meals. He is an ENFP, so don’t be surprised if he gives you a great big hug the first time you meet. He’s a lover.

The Cats

Sydney Grace

Sydney is our beautiful black kitty cat that we adopted in December of 2014. She loves to take long naps, cuddle on the couch, and play with all of her toys. She is currently employed full-time as resident flycatcher and mouse hunter in the Maynard household. You can read more about Sydney here.

Addi Jo

Addi is our newest addition that joined our home on June 2nd, 2015.  We picked her up as a stray from our friends’ apartment complex. She is a beautiful gray cat with white tuxedo markings. We believe she is expecting her first litter of kittens around the Fourth of July. Right now, her favorite pastime is eating! But, boy can she purr . . . You can read more about Addi here.

The Kiddos

None yet. But stay tuned . . .

*wink, wink*


The Contributors

Emilee Hackney

IMG_1563 Emilee Hackney is a recent high school graduate living in the
mountains in Tazewell, VA. She is preparing to attend a local college
in the fall where she hopes to discover God’s plan for her career. She
loves her grandma’s house, her boyfriend of three and a half years,
and anything with an unhealthy amount of sugar.

Emilee is Joyfully Ever After’s regular contributor. You can expect her posts every other Wednesday!


Rebecca Lindenbach


Rebecca Lindenbach is a psychology student who lives in Ottawa, ON in the Great White North. When she’s not training her pet beaver to fight off the polar bears outside of her igloo, you can find her blogging at Life as a Dare about relationships, college, and living on a budget. That is, when she’s not googling corgis or eating way too much popcorn.